April 27, 2009

Turning Point

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Regina is the limelight of my mondays, Natasha fills me up on wednesdays, Jason is my hero on thursdays and larry ‘my partner in crime’ on fridays.  Regina almost died when she had her stroke 15 years ago and here she is now with her anew refreshed vision about LIFE which beats the atumned-dried philosophy of my life; Natasha always hooks me up with the cheapest manicure place and hair salon, she teahes me ways to make up:D and I’m always in awe to see her stuck with the wheelchair and yet, so alive and full of life. You would wanna cry when you’d see my best friend Jason, crippled and wheelchaired but that divine smile! I would die for his smile:-) when his caretaker ‘his mom’ is going through chemotherapy. Last time when I cracked his knuckles, we almost fell of the seat; my stomach ached after a heartful laugh! Larry a ‘slouched-baldy-old fella’ is my sweetheart; when David told us about bioness-an electrical sensation device which helps him walk and lift his left easily, Larry asked if he could get that device somewhere around his crotch:D. Long after the glue has worn off the envelopes, they have their stories of victories imprinted in my life! makes me wonder about the unknown errors of our lives:-)


April 22, 2009


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So what if the real that you feel ain’t real?


Theme is surreal but life has a dream-like feel/


Reality is just wool pulled over your eyes,


Clever guise of hidden lies, a bull in full disguise/


A full of surprise is the meaning of life, why do we die?


Answer supplied, so die to see that all reality is just a lie/


Sky is the limit? We have all seen further into the seems,


It started to gleam, a serene scene fathered my dream/


Thoughts took a bleak face, is heaven a deep space?


Asking for life everlasting? we are all in a heated chase/


Cuz’ life is a cheat’s race, a sinner’s path is a winner’s race,


Can’t backtrack to fix mistakes, time has erased the trace/


Side to side back and forth, as i cross another obstacle course,


Using my every force like an iron horse, show no remorse/


If we are born to die, what what is our role in being alive,


Does fate really control our lives?


Sunrise sunet sunrise console my eyes!